Tuesday, July 15, 2014


JAV FEST 2014 has become the biggest event car meets in half year 2014 in Semarang. Invite the goodrides, car enthusiast from Jakarta, make this car meets event more interesting. The shown In Sunday June 21st JAVFEST started from 10.00 am until night. Many car enthusiast come and joint to this event and joint some contest like stance contest, out of the box, burnout and also limbo car contest. So there is some of photos taken by our crew check it out 


parked before come in

Duo Europe

Andre's Slammed Avanza

kiky octarianto with his civic ferio

ook ''peace'' with his mini

Galang Satrio try to save his lowlyrides from speedbump

surya feat. adib and unknown with they pose. LOL

every car enthusiast in spot 

On javfest 2014 we opened stand to introduce people what is low story and to give some stickers

Break neacking Dito's E28 ''black mafia''

Wheels every where

Golden Modena fitted on GE8

Half part Low Story Team

Race one

Down to earth Cendi and Fredy

color wheels  and anythings

Japan vs Europe

Sunset fitment Oky's GE8

Slammed Camry from Hellish Tuned

Abdul Baary take picture

Fitment SX8

Bumper Scrapp on Hendy's Civic

Dudung finding Nemo

EG6 playing out of the box from Goodrides

Playing some fun bicycle

JAVFEST booth with gorgeous girl

Monster Scirocco

Nice fitment Vios

Slammed Golf MK6 Ricky

What do you looking for

Derick in action

Limitted RX8 from XRULES Semarang

XRULES Semarang Crew

chop top Jimny

Made the difference RB1

Another Nice fit FD1

Imo in action

Slammed Oki's GE8

Ricky Ahong brand new fitment

Singgih ride, Toyota Starlet EP71

Adib Army Military

I Like Dropped

Bebo Peugeot in shoot

Another Slammed Brio

F*ck fittin

Nice One

This is it, the Famous Yudha's EG6 

One of the farthest enthusiast from Bandung

Extreme Oki's Camry

Sit in Work Durandal

Is that custom 3pcs construction rims?

Low story with the goodrides

ready for limbo contest

Limbo fire from the hole

Photo by

Prio Pratama
Abdul Baary
Ricky Dakhayci
Aprianto Nugroho

Article by

Prio Pratama
Abdul Baary

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