Tuesday, November 24, 2015


As people know, stance has gained a lot of popularity lately, especially in Indonesia. Low ground cleareance, aggresive wheel specs, strectched tyres are some of the many traits of stance. Driving fitted cars are deemed imposible for some, but that's th bill you can pay in return for the looks you get, from over function they said. Cendi's Honda City Type Z SX8 is no exception. If you live in Central Java this car may be familiar to you. Sometimes, he attended to every cars meet and we had opportunity to shoot his car during the  Autorave Party at Citra Grand, Semarang.

Driving this SX8 is surely a challenge. But for Cendi, this is not some hard parked, garage queen. This low static SX8 is his daily ride!

We love the commitment he made, and he is undoubtedly one of the many representatives of "the stance game"

photo by prioprtm
article by prioprtm, febriandp

Vitz Friends Can Be Everything

It's too long we set photo session from this two friends, ronggot and kentir and this time we'll tell about they ride, actually they damn low ride. As you know this photo session taken at semarang and they live at different city, Jogja and Salatiga so they drive to Semarang with low condition. ''Yes we usually drive our car from city to city, it's called real low life'' Ronggot said. SALUTE!

photo by prioprtm, gavinmischa, abdulbaary
article by prioprtm

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


It's been soo long we're not post in our blog. But in this time, we will tell a story about last meet up cars event in Yogyakarta called "Sunday Festival". Before that we say many thanks to java flush, car  enthusiast in Yogyakarta and organizer event who's invited Low Story Team to come. This event held on October 26th 2014 at west parking area Jogja Expo Center and interest many people to come especially who lived in central java. Beside cars meet there are car limbo one of must to do in every cars meet. Okay thats all, let's check our photo shoot from our proffesional photographer. enjoy

Sunday Festival start from 1pm until 10pm

some nice and rare car we found in parking lot

K.O.G Jogja at SUNFEST

ready for car limbo

some cars enthusiast came with another cars enthusiast

some cars enthusiast came with another cars enthusiast

Anything but fitment everywhere

Surya's FD with new update transformation